To: Hart, Stephen, Dean, David, Emily,TJ, Michaela, John, Tamara, Ian, Emily S,, Kathy and the rest of the cast and crew


                                 This is for you From Your Bone Heads.

 We Fans want you to know, just how much we love your show.  From Booth to Brennen, from Hodgins to Ange and Sweets and Cam too,We love you all.  We wait in Suspence just to see what happens next. We look forward to each and every week to see everyone at the Jeffersonian, help Booth to get his man.

 Booth with his good looks and charm, is our favorite FBI Guy, Brennen with her beauty and her special ways.  They make us want to be them in so many ways.  Then there is Hodgins with his cooky experiments, he makes us laugh until we cry.  His comsperacy thinking really makes us start to wonder.  Angela who is so beautiful, makes everything look so easy with her computer programs and gagits.  Angela makes us know that we can accompolish anything we want.  Her advice and wit about life warms our hearts everytime.  Cam who lets her beauty shine thru, can be kind and gentle, but also hard as a rock.  We also see a side of her that makes us think twice. Last, but certainaly not least there is Sweets, who with his psycology thing, helps us understand certain things.  He is very talented in what he does, but sometimes it seems to go unnoticed.  Let us not forget the Squinterns who help out on every case, They make us want to take their place.

 All of you do so much more then you could ever know.  We your Fans just want to “Shout” and let you know that we are greatful for all you do.  We are loyal to you and always will be.  To the Writers, Producers, Directors and Creators as well as other cast and crew, we thank you for making this fantastic show.  That makes us sit on the edge of our Chairs, but also teaches us many things. 

 Once again we hope you know that we “Boneheads” just love you so!  Thank you for being in our lives, which we hope will last a life time.  There is one thing that you can never doubt, that we Boneheads standstrong and true.   We are here now and forever so other Sitcoms better beware. For we love Bones and we love you, our Bones Family stands united forever more.

 Bonnie Rexeus aka @bonrex

June 25, 2013


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