Rest In Peace My Dear Friend

The Loss of a Friend weighs heavy on the heart. I feel so lost I don’t know where to start.

Your spirit lite up every room you walked into.Your smile made the sunshine thru.

You were taken so suddenly, we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

You will be missed by us all, God has gained a spirited Angel, but we have lost a Friend. One we could count on and who we held so dear.

You will always be on our minds and in our hearts, we hope that you will be at peace.

We shall meet one day again.  Then we can talk and laugh like we always did. 

Just remember this my dear dear friend you were loved by us all.

To hear you are gone is a tragedy,  but just knowing you are in heaven watching over us warms our hearts. 

Go now my dear friend. Go and pave the way for us all.  For the day shall come when we all meet att Heavens Gates and we can celebrate as we always did.

You were always there when you were needed most, God seen the goodness in your heart so he called you home.

The world will not be the same without you, but we dedicate each and every sunrise to come, to hold onto the memory of our dear dear friend.

Rest now my friend until we meet again.

In Memory of @Lilli_Sunshine for all the brighter days she gave to us.


                                                            By: Bonnie Rexeus     2013-11-30

 Lilli     23 June- 29 November 2013



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